Lower Abdominal Pain in Men: Causes and Natural Treatments

Decrease stomach pain in men can happen for many of the same reasons as pelvic or abdomen ache in ladies. Ache from kidney infections, urinary tract an infection, appendicitis, or digestive upset could cause sharp pain or boring aches within the decrease a part of the abdomen. Male stomach pain and discomfort may result from organs within the decrease stomach, or unfold from the lumbar backbone to the decrease part of the stomach.


Nevertheless, there are some causes of male decrease stomach pain which are particular to males. A twisted testicle, irritation of the prostate, or an inguinal hernia may end up in various levels of ache within the groin and pelvic space. In addition to male decrease belly ache, situations affecting the male inner organs may end up in frequent urination, persistent decrease again ache, extraordinarily sharp ache within the scrotum, or digestive issues.

Treating decrease belly ache in males typically requires addressing the underlying causes. Some dwelling treatments may help to alleviate sharp belly ache in males which are a results of indigestion, bladder infections, or kidney stones. Additionally, some pure ache aid treatments can present short-term aid from the signs of belly ache in males under the stomach button.

On this article, you’ll study concerning the totally different causes of decrease belly ache in males. In lots of instances, additionally, you will uncover useful treatments you should use at dwelling to resolve the decrease abdomen ache naturally.

Organs within the Male Decrease Stomach Space

The decrease a part of the stomach is the realm under your stomach button and consists of your groin and pelvic space. The male stomach under the stomach button incorporates a part of the abdomen, colon, appendix and rectum. Additionally, the testicles, prostate, and penis can be sources of male decrease belly ache or sharp ache between the scrotum and anus.

Signs of Decrease Stomach Ache in Males

Decrease belly ache that may have an effect on many males might trigger ache or discomfort under the stomach button and across the reproductive organs. Nevertheless, recognizing the accompanying signs may help a health care provider to establish the supply of the ache.

Dr. Jay W. Marks, who’s an skilled in gastroenterology, says that digestive dysfunction could cause decrease belly aches and pains, in addition to signs like:

Ache within the lowermost space of the stomach within the pelvis in males might originate from the bladder, rectum, and prostate gland. Irritation brought on by an an infection in these organs could cause signs akin to:

  • Painful urination
  • Fever brought on by an an infection in your urinary tract
  • Ache that radiates to your again
  • Intense aching close to your rectum
  • Continual ache and spasms within the decrease stomach together with sexual dysfunction

Decrease Stomach Ache in Males: Male Particular Points

First, let’s look in some element at causes for male decrease belly ache that solely impacts males.


Prostatitis is irritation of the prostate gland and may trigger aches and ache within the decrease stomach or ache within the higher thighs of males.

Docs from the College of California say that fairly often, an infection or irritation within the prostate could cause sharp pains between the testicles and anus. Docs aren’t positive what causes prostatitis, however being diabetic, having an enlarged prostate, or a weakened immune system might put an individual a better danger.

Different signs of prostatitis can embrace:

  • Stomach ache after being sexually lively
  • Penile ache after ejaculation
  • Often needing to pee, particularly at night time
  • Uninteresting aching within the groin, pelvis, or decrease stomach

The Indian Journal of Urology reported that about 90% of males with continual pelvic ache is linked with prostatitis. This describes ache within the lowermost space of the male stomach that lasts for three months or longer.

Normally, medical doctors must make you give a urine pattern to test for indicators of an infection and prescribe the correct course of remedy.

Testicular torsion (twisted testicle)

A twisted testicle could cause excruciating ache within the testicles and decrease stomach and may rapidly change into a medical emergency.

In line with Dr. Timothy J. Rupp on Medscape, testicular torsion is a frequent explanation for scrotal ache. Normally, the ache comes on out of the blue and may trigger the scrotum to swell. The ache can radiate from groin to the decrease belly space. It’s attainable fever can accompany the belly ache in sexually lively males.

Docs advise that males who get extreme, sudden testicle ache ought to see a health care provider as quickly as attainable.

Inguinal hernia

Though an inguinal hernia can have an effect on ladies, they’re extra widespread in males and may trigger ache or discomfort within the decrease belly space.

Researchers from the Nationwide Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Illnesses report that the decrease space of the stomach is named the inguinal space. A hernia happens when a part of the small gut bulges via the decrease belly wall. This may end up in a painful or tender lump on one or each side of the groin.

Different signs of an inguinal hernia can embrace:

  • Ache within the decrease stomach when males sneeze
  • A burning or aching sensation within the groin
  • Swollen scrotum in males
  • Issue having a bowel motion

Inguinal hernias could cause male decrease belly ache that comes and goes. Lifting heavy gadgets, coughing, sneezing, or exercising could make the ache worse. Nevertheless, surgical procedure is the one solution to fully restore the hernia and cease it from inflicting belly ache in males.

Infections That Trigger Male Decrease Stomach Ache

Ache within the decrease proper stomach or decrease left belly space in males is also as a result of infections of inner organs. Let’s look in additional element at a number of the commonest causes for belly ache in males.

Kidney an infection

Micro organism that get into the kidney and trigger an an infection is usually a cause for intense abdomen ache under the stomach button.

Your kidneys are positioned in your again on both aspect of your backbone. Normally, a kidney an infection causes them to change into infected and that may trigger flank ache and ache that spreads to your decrease again or stomach. Docs from the Nationwide Well being Service say that ache round your genitals is widespread in kidney infections.

Different related uncomfortable signs that kidney infections trigger might be:

  • A fever
  • Common emotions of fatigue and tiredness
  • Digestive upset and nausea
  • Diarrhea

To forestall kidney infections and problems together with your kidneys, it’s essential to take care of the well being of your kidneys. A technique to do that is to drink loads of fluids to flush out toxins out of your kidneys.

Kidney stones

Kidney stones could cause excessive abdomen ache and decrease belly ache once they transfer via your urinary tract. Kidney stones are small buildups of mineral deposits that may kind in your kidneys.

Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler on MedicineNet says that kidney stones could cause excruciating ache within the decrease stomach, groin, aspect or decrease again. Normally, the belly ache comes and goes, and the ache could also be so extreme that it causes nausea and vomiting. Male decrease belly ache as a result of kidney stones can even trigger testicular ache.

Uncomfortable signs related to kidney stones can embrace:

  • Ache and discomfort when urinating
  • Cloudy urine with an disagreeable scent
  • Frequent must urinate
  • Ache that radiates to the groin and decrease stomach

One of many methods to deal with kidney stones naturally is to drink diluted apple cider vinegar. Kidney stones dissolve in apple cider vinegar as a result of its acidic nature. To assist eliminate kidney stones faster, combine 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink regularly all through the day.

Urinary tract an infection (UTI)

A urinary tract an infection in males could cause decrease left belly ache or decrease belly ache on the correct aspect. Male urinary infections might be brought on by kidney issues, an enlarged prostate, or having a catheter fitted.

Dr. Mary Harding on Affected person.data says that UTIs generally trigger ache within the decrease stomach in males. The ache can change into worse when urinating and may trigger nausea and vomiting. In some instances, the urinary an infection can journey up your urinary tract and have an effect on your kidneys.

Normally, a extreme UTI requires antibiotics to clear up the an infection and stop critical problems. Nevertheless, there are some pure treatments to successfully deal with gentle instances of urinary infections. For instance, growing your water consumption may help to flush your urinary system. You may additionally attempt ingesting baking soda and water to assist neutralize the acidic content material of your urine.

Bladder irritation

Though bladder infections and urinary infections have an effect on extra ladies than males, males can even endure from ache under the stomach button as a result of bladder irritation.

In line with the journal Translational Andrology and Urology, bladder ache syndrome in males is usually mistaken for prostatitis. Docs advocate that males who complain of decrease belly ache are checked for each an enlarged prostate and bladder issues.

Docs from the Mayo Clinic says that signs of a bladder an infection in males can embrace:

  • Persistent must urinate regularly
  • Burning sensation after peeing
  • Passing cloudy urine or noticing traces of blood in urine
  • Urine that comes out slowly or dribbles when urinating

Decrease Left Stomach Ache in Males

There are some causes of one-sided belly ache that may have an effect on males.


Diverticulitis describes a situation the place small pockets in your gut (diverticula) change into contaminated and infected. This leads to cramping aches and ache within the decrease left stomach of men and women.

Docs from the Nationwide Well being Service report that infected diverticula normally causes ache on the left aspect of the decrease stomach. This will additionally lead to bloating, elevated belly ache after a bowel motion, or passing greasy stool.

In additional extreme instances of diverticulitis, signs can embrace:

Rising fiber consumption, ingesting loads of water, getting ample train, and ingesting aloe vera juice, are all pure methods to deal with the causes of diverticulitis naturally.

Kidney stones

You’ll endure from left-sided belly ache if kidney stones develop in your left kidney and journey to your groin.

Decrease Proper Stomach Ache in Males

Extreme ache within the decrease proper stomach of males is usually a signal of a critical an infection of inner organs.


Appendicitis in women and men normally begins off as a gnawing ache behind the stomach button. The ache then intensifies because it spreads to the correct decrease stomach because the appendix turns into infected.

Your appendix is discovered on the correct aspect of your decrease stomach. In line with the journal BMJ, emergencies from instances of appendicitis have an effect on extra males than females. The most typical symptom of appendicitis in men and women is insufferable belly ache. The decrease belly ache usually begins in the course of the stomach earlier than spreading to the right-hand aspect.

Appendicitis can even trigger any of the next signs:

  • Lack of urge for food
  • Fever
  • Incapability to cross trapped gasoline
  • Uninteresting ache within the decrease stomach that spreads to the again
  • Extreme cramping within the decrease stomach

Appendicitis can rapidly change into a medical emergency. For those who discover indicators of an infected appendix, it is best to name your physician instantly.

Digestive Points that Trigger Decrease Stomach Ache in Males

A number of the commonest the explanation why males have abdomen cramps or pains of their decrease abdomen are as a result of digestive points.

Trapped gasoline

A buildup of gasoline within the intestines could cause painful belly cramping in males. Fiber and carbohydrate-rich meals are a number of the major culprits for gassy pains within the decrease stomach.

Fortunately, having an excessive amount of gasoline isn’t a serious trigger for concern. Nevertheless, gasoline could cause embarrassment if you happen to make your self fart loudly or cross wind that smells of rotten eggs.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins Medical say that belly ache and discomfort in males is sort of widespread. Trapped gasoline on the left aspect of the colon could cause sharp decrease left abdomen ache and even extreme left-sided chest pains. Having a buildup of gasoline in your proper colon may even trigger such excessive abdomen ache that it appears like appendicitis.

Grating 1-inch piece of ginger in a cup of boiling water and letting it infuse for a couple of minutes earlier than ingesting may help to eliminate an excessive amount of gasoline in your guts.


Constipation is one cause why your digestive system doesn’t work correctly and it may possibly trigger cramping decrease belly ache and nice discomfort.

Docs describe constipation as having issue passing onerous stools or having rare bowel actions. Dr. Jerry R. Balentine on eMedicineHealth says that constipation typically leads to ache within the decrease belly space. The ache in your decrease stomach might change into worse as you pressure to make a bowel motion.

There are lots of pure methods to assist enhance the well being of your digestive system and preserve your self common. For instance, fiber may help meals cross faster via your intestines and act as a pure laxative for constipation. Additionally, ingesting prune juice, getting loads of fiber and fluids, and taking castor oil can all assist to naturally relieve the signs of constipation.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Males typically endure from actually dangerous abdomen ache due to irritable bowel syndrome. For some males, the ache is simply boring abdomen pains that occur often. Nevertheless, different males usually get sharp belly pains after consuming.

Docs from the Mayo Clinic report that normally, having a bowel motion is sufficient to relieve belly ache brought on by IBS. Different signs of irritable bowel syndrome in males can embrace:

  • Adjustments in your bowel habits – this may be frequent bouts of diarrhea or constipation
  • Extreme gasoline
  • Stomach bloating
  • Feeling such as you haven’t emptied your bowels after passing stool
  • Passing stool with mucus

Making optimistic life-style adjustments, coping with stress higher, and consuming a wholesome, well-balanced weight loss program may help to scale back the frequency of your IBS signs.


Delicate abdomen cramps in your decrease stomach could possibly be a results of indigestion. Indigestion might be brought on by digestive points like acid reflux disorder, heartburn, or abdomen ulcers. The result’s persistent ache or discomfort within the stomach. Nevertheless, most medical doctors say that indigestion causes painful signs within the higher stomach above the stomach button.

Muscular and Joint Points Inflicting Male Decrease Stomach Ache

It could shock you to know, however many causes for male ache within the decrease stomach are linked with points regarding the pelvic bone or decrease again.


You might typically expertise decrease belly ache in case your sciatic nerve is pinched or trapped. Your sciatic nerve runs out of your buttocks down every leg. Though sciatica normally causes again ache or tingling in your legs, some males get belly, groin, or pelvic ache.

In line with a chiropractic clinic, typically belly ache might be as a result of issues with the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica normally causes gentle to extreme again ache. Nevertheless, there are numerous pure methods that you would be able to launch the sciatic nerve and ease debilitating again ache. One very straightforward method is to make use of a tennis ball to therapeutic massage your decrease again.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Your sacroiliac joint is between your sacrum and ilium bones that kind a part of the pelvis. Irritation or extreme motion within the joint could cause decrease again ache in addition to ache in your belly area.

The Journal of Nippon Medical College reported on a case the place sacroiliac joint dysfunction was accountable for groin tenderness and decrease belly ache.

To learn the way to alleviate decrease again ache and ease the discomfort of decrease belly ache, please learn my article on easy methods to cease sacrum ache.

Pelvic bone ache

Your pelvic bone is made up of many bones together with the pubic bone, ilium, and sacrum. Damage, dysfunction, or points together with your pubic bone might trigger ache to radiate to your decrease stomach and groin.

For extra causes of pelvic bone ache and what you are able to do to eliminate the ache with out medicine, please try my article about what to do about pelvic bone ache.

When to See a Physician

Typically, decrease belly ache in males goes away after just a few days. Residence treatments can even assist to rapidly alleviate your signs and relieve ache in your decrease stomach. Nevertheless, typically, it’s possible you’ll must see a health care provider for an expert prognosis.

Docs from the Mayo Clinic advise that males ought to see a health care provider for ache of their decrease stomach within the following circumstances:

  • You expertise extreme ache that received’t go away.
  • Together with the ache, you’ve gotten a fever and emotions of nausea.
  • Your belly space could be very tender to the touch.
  • You could have intense ache within the decrease proper stomach together with different signs of appendicitis.
  • You could have bloody bowel actions.
  • Together with belly ache, you additionally get chest pains or have intense stress in your chest.

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